What Where When Link
S&P Global FA Forum San Francisco, CA Jul 13 2017
IMN Dana Point, CA Jun 26-28 2017 Link
S&P Global FA Forum Chicago, IL Jun 8 2017 Link
IMCA San Diego, CA Apr 30 - May 3 2017 Link
S&P Global FA Forum Dallas, TX Feb 1 2017 Link
Inside ETF Hollywood, FL Jan 22-25 2017 Link
IMCA Toronto, Canada Jun 13-14 2017 Link
IMN Global Indexing & ETF Conference Scottsdale, AZ Dec 6-8 2015 Link
Conference Audio Recording: How to use smart beta and factor portfolios to reveal information about your non-smart, non-factor portfolios Link
Conference Audio Recording: How to use ETFs in a rising interest rate environment Link
IMCA Advanced Strategist Program Washington DC Tuesday, Sept 29th
FTSE World Investment Forum Newport Coast, CA May 17-20 2015 Link
IMCA Annual Conference Super Session Las Vegas, NV April 27 2015 Link
19th Annual Global Indexing and ETFs conference, Panel: Investing in Small Cap Scottsdale, AZ December 7 to 9 2014 Link
IMCA Advanced Investment Strategist Program - Risks and Opportunities with Smart Beta and How to Address Them The Bonaventure Resort, Weston, FL September 29 2014 to October 1 2014 Link
CIEBA: Smart Beta Panel Washington, D.C. 4/2/14
Barron's: Beyond Smart Beta - The Future of ETFs NYC, NY 4/1/14 Link
EDHEC-Risk Days North America 2013 - Creating Robust Portfolios by Dynamically Weighting Multiple Smart Beta Strategies NYC, NY 8-9 October 2013 Link
Canadian Investment Review: 15th Annual Risk Management Conference Muskoka, Ontario 08/13/13-08/15/13
EDHEC-Risk Institute: Investing in Smart Beta 2.0 San Francisco, CA 7/2/13 Link
EDHEC-Risk Institute: Investing in Smart Beta, North American Seminar Series Boston, MA 4/11/13 Link
Wasthington, D.C. 4/15/13
Montreal, Canada 4/16/13
Toronto, Canada 4/17/13
Chicago, IL 4/18/13
EDHEC Risk Institute Seminar: Outperforming Equity Benchmarks without Active Management - Academic Theory to Practical Implementation Princeton Club, New York City, NY 5 December 2011 Link
CFA Society Sacramento: Efficient Equity Indices and Benchmarks Sacramento, CA 9/8/11 Link
EDHEC-Risk Institute: Efficient Equity Indices and Benchmarks, North American Seminar Series Austin, TX June 2011 Link
Chicago, IL June 2011
Los Angeles, CA June 2011
Toronto, Canada June 2011
Washington, D.C. June 2011
World Investment Forum 2011: Why Fundamental, Efficient and Diversity Weighting Schemes are Superior to Capitalization Weights Sonoma, CA 5/17/11 Link
FactSet: Investment Process Symposium 2011 N. Miami Beach, FL 03/20/11-03/22/11 Link
EDHEC-Risk Institutional Days 2010 - Strategic Decertification in Venture Capital Grimaldi Forum, Monaco 8-9 December, 2010 Link
Third International Conference on Computational and Financial Econometrics (CFE 09) - Structural change detection and the predictability of returns Grand Resort Hotel, Limassol, Cyprus October 29-31, 2009 Link
3rd R/Rmetrics Meielisalp Workshop & Summer School on "Computational Finance and Financial Engineering" - "PAST: A Portfolio Attribution and Simulation Toolkit" Meielisalp, Lake Thune Switzerland July 2 2009 Link