We do have a minimum account size of $100,000, which we have the right to waive

Simple, Radically Transparent, All-in pricing.

You are probably fed up with the layers of opaque fees that most investment management services charge, and so are we. So, we’re going to try and keep this super-simple. Our annual management fee of .50% probably covers everything you expect it to cover, and then some.

Here's what our fee covers

  • Our Asset Management Fees
  • Trading Commissions, regardless of how often you trade
  • Any other transaction fees such as ticket charges, settlement charges, regardless of how often you trade
  • Custody fees, regardless of how many different accounts you choose to open with us
  • Bank/ACH/Incoming Wire transfers (watch out though: your bank may charge you, but that's between you and them!)
  • All custodian statement fees, as long as you are ok with electronic statements. Our custodian will charge you for paper statements and we'll pass that cost on to you with no additional mark up or service fees
  • In case we use any ETFs, Mutual Funds or External Managers in your account, we'll cover their management fees in the form of a credit back to your account

Let’s talk about that last one a little bit, since to the best of our knowledge, no one else in our business credits back the ETF, Mutual Fund or External Manager fees you incur.

As individual investors ourselves, we despised the multiple (and sometimes invisible) layers of fees that were often lurking in our brokerage statements. We want you to know that when we say “no hidden fees” and “radically transparent”, we really mean it.

We couldn’t find a better way to display our sincerity than to just put our money where our mouth is, and credit those fees back to you.

So here is how this works. In most cases, you will never see ETFs, Mutual Funds in your statement (trust us, the big guys don’t either!). However, there are a few specialized cases (e.g. US Treasury Bonds) where it is pretty much impossible to buy individual bonds, or fractions of individual bonds. Therefore, we are forced to use a low-cost Bond ETF or Mutual Fund. In such situations where we use ETFs or Mutual Funds in your portfolio, we’ll compute how much money you had in them and for how long. We’ll then look up the ETF fees or Mutual Fund fees and use that to reasonably estimate the amount that you (invisibly!) incurred while you were invested in them. We’ll then credit that amount back to your account.

Oh yeah, and the same thing goes for External Managers (if we ever use those).

Really, no one else that we know of does that. But, we think it’s the right thing to do.

In short, if we select someplace else to “outsource” a portion of your money to, those fees should come out of our pocket not yours since otherwise, you’d be double-paying. That’s radical transparency.

’nuff said.

Here's what our fee does not cover

Our management fees do not cover any charges levied by your bank (like wire transfers, ACH or other electronic transfer fees or check fees). It also does not cover fees levied by our custodian or broker for services such as physical mailing of statements or other notices, account closure fees, wire-out or ACAT-out fees. In the event that any of these fees are levied by our custodian on your account, we will pass them on to you. We do not mark up their charges and we do not charge you any additional service fees.