Why invest like an Institution?

Institutional-grade strategies use Science and Automation to target superior risk-adjusted returns
Powerful scientific and data-driven algorithms used by institutions (often called Smart Beta or Factor Strategies) are used to build automated, diversified portfolios that are efficient, time-tested, tax efficient and based on several decades of Nobel-prize winning academic research.
Institutional-style Risk Controls allow you to precisely define your upside target and downside limit goals
Instead of using ad-hoc asset allocation typical of one-size-fits-all investment products,  you can precisely target your investment upside and downside limits with intuitive tools and methods similar to those used by the smartest institutions. Based on mature investment science (Pension Funds call this Liability Driven Investing, we like to call it Investment Outcome Shaping), we think it just might revolutionize the way you think about investment risk!
Low Institutional type Fees - 0.50%, all-in!
Enjoy the kind of fees the big institutions are able to demand! You finally have control over indirect and hidden costs with our radically transparent, Flat-rate, no-gimmicks, no-games pricing. You’ll pay a single flat, all-inclusive fee of .50% (that’s one half of one percent) and we’ll even credit back the fees on any ETFs and Mutual Fund we may use in your portfolio, so you know you won’t pay multiple layers of fees.
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Until recently, these solutions were accessible only to the largest of institutional investors. Today, a powerful alignment of technology and revolutionary advances in financial infrastructure have made these solutions available to the rest of us.

How it all works ...

  • Sophisticated Factor Portfolios with HUNDREDS of direct-held stocks are settled into Fractional Shares with built-in Tax Optimization
  • Immunized Bond Portfolios are a fancy way of saying that we design our Fixed Income Portfolios to deliver targeted future income that minimize sensitivity to changes in interest rates. Pension Funds do this all the time, and we see no reason why we shouldn't do it for all retirement plans
  • Order execution and Hidden Costs are carefully controlled through a Direct Back-end Integration with the Broker/Dealer back-bone and Bulk Trading interfaces and APIs thru our proprietary "Optimizing Rebalancer"
  • Fee Transparency through our Flat Asset-Based Negotiated Rate which allows us to pass our economies of scale on to you

What exactly do we do for you?

  • Your daily account value is monitored by our engine for changes in value or individual settings
  • The risk budget is measured based on your current settings
  • The engine recomputes the margin of error based on your available risk budget
  • The Rebalancer makes adjustments to investment allocations, and generates trades as needed

Optimal’s rebalancing engine is continually working to maximize the probability of reaching your upside target without violating your downside protection goal

Live, cluefull, oversight and assistance as needed (doing what humans do best)
Automated investing with Intelligent algorithms (doing what computers do best)

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