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Goal Based Investing means that you get to pick the maximum loss that you can bear by setting a downside floor level and a target date for your investment account. You can also specify your upside target level. Our Goal Optimizing Outcome Shaping Engine algorithm does the rest – automatically allocating between expertly designed stock and bond portfolios to maximize the chances of hitting your upside target without ending up below your downside floor when you reach your target date.

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Investment Goals, Powered by Science

Our approach to Goal Based Investing is derived from the same science that powers the largest and the best pension funds in the world. Our Goal Optimizing Engine implements algorithms that are designed to intelligently allocate across stocks and bonds to optimize upside but do so while securing a certain downside floor that must not be violated.

Your goal might be to secure a certain minimum amount of income in retirement, a minimum down payment needed for a house, a minimum level of college expenses … or one of thousands of other use cases that involve seeking investment upside but limiting maximum downside to a specified floor level at a target date.


We act as the sub-advisors or advisors on your account, which is always held at a FINRA regulated broker-dealer and qualified custodian, and your investments are protected by the SIPC up to $500,000. For details, please see

We take security seriously, and your personal information is fully encrypted and securely stored.

And, we have been designing portfolios for large institutions since 2013 …


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How it all works

  • Your account value and settings are regularly monitored for changes
  • We compute your risk budget from your account, upside and downside levels
  • The engine reallocates to a mix of stocks and bonds
  • The rebalancer generates trades as needed

You can update your downside floor and upside target, change strategies, liquidate a strategy to generate cash, use available cash to make new allocations to a strategy anytime you like. Your trades are usually implemented the very next business day!

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Optimal’s rebalancing engine is continually working to maximize the probability of reaching your upside target without violating your downside protection goal

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