Your checking and savings accounts have been paying near-zero for years, and until recently, there have been few decent alternatives. That has dramatically changed in recent months. Higher-yield alternatives (well above 2% at the moment) are available in a way we haven’t seen in over a decade.

The goal of the “Short-Term Yield” strategy is to take no meaningful risk while earning as much as possible on your money. The investments are placed in short-term Treasury bonds only. This is crucial since this ensures that there is very little interest rate risk, and no credit risk.

How do you get access to these bonds? We only use extremely low-cost (expense ratios of approximately .10% or less) ETFs. We have done the work to identify ETFs and we have thoroughly vetted them for liquidity and implementation discipline. And, we keep an eye on this on an ongoing basis, as your fiduciary advisor.

For instance, the particular ETF or combination of ETFs may change as new ETFs come on the market, or as existing ones change their profile. But we will adjust accordingly, at no extra transaction cost to you, while always maintaining the short-term yield objective of this account.

I want to let you know that you can now add this Short-Term Yield strategy within your investment portal. If you’d like to consider opening this account, please connect with Teun Lucas at 650-472-1187 x.109, or