Optimal Asset Management’s revolutionary tool that helps investment advisors build better portfolios

Factor Allocator™

Built on years of academic research, Factor Allocator™ will help you visualize the immense benefits of factor investing.

Factor Allocator™ empowers you to capitalize on those factor portfolios that will benefit you and your clients.

Factor Playground

Experiment with factors as easily as dragging and dropping a slider to quickly identify combinations that will work best for your clients with the Factor Playground.

Importing Portfolios

Effortlessly analyze portfolios that are important to you. Search and import funds directly from our Morningstar licensed database or upload your own custom portfolios.

Best Factor Fit

Know what you hold by identifying those factors driving your fund’s performance using Factor Allocator’s™ proprietary Best Factor Fit.


Recreate the factor exposures of any imported fund as a basket of ETFs or stocks.

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