Advisors determine and set client goals, Optimal integrates and implements!

As their advisor, you know your clients best … and the Goal Based Investing framework allows you to know them even better and to elevate the quality of your relationship.

Setting a goal involves three key ingredients: a time horizon, a minimum essential floor and an aspirational upside target.

Here are three great examples of clearly articulated client goals:

  1. I’d like to buy a house in 3 years and must have at least $100,000 for a down payment so I can qualify for a million dollar loan, but I’d really like to have $200,000 so I can avoid having to pay expensive mortgage insurance.
  2. I expect my daughter to be ready for college in 8 years and want to have at least $30,000 per year for her four years in college,  but ideally, I’d like to have $75,000 a year to cover all her expenses without burdening her with a student loan.
  3. I plan to retire in 10 years. For the next 30 years after that, I’d need a minimum of $5000 a month but I’d really love to have $10,000 a month.

You can help your clients formulate these goals, and our engine is designed to get them there regardless of what happens to stocks and bonds! While there are no guarantees in these markets, our system is designed to monitor the risk budget and reallocate risk to maximize the probability of hitting the upside target while limiting the downside floor.

One-click control over downside ...... because presetting a loss limit is what wins you clients!

Pick your downside floor dollar level and your target upside dollar level, and our Goal Optimizing Outcome Shaping Engine algorithm does the rest – automatically allocating between expertly designed stock and bond portfolios to maximize the chances of hitting your upside target without ending up below your downside floor.

Your clients understand that there are times when they might lose money. Our Goal Optimizing Engine is designed to protect your client from losing more money than they sign up for!

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From College to Retirement Income ...

Our elegant 3-parameter Goal Based Investing framework (target date, upside, downside) can be used to implement a surprisingly powerful range of outcomes ranging from pre-retirement to retirement. These include:

  • Saving for kids’ college: e.g. 4 annual withdrawals of a minimum of $30,000 but ideally $75,000 – starting 10 years from now
  • Retirement income: e.g. 20 payments starting in 10 years of a minimum of $100,000 per year but ideally $200,000 per year (reminiscent of a Period Certain Variable Annuity)
  • Principal Preservation: e.g. $50,000 today, should be no less than $50,000 in 3 years and the hope is to get it to $100,000!

Even if you choose an unrealistic upside target (e.g. $50K to $100K in 3 years with principal preservation), Optimal’s engine’s powerful and intuitive visualization control panel will show you and your client that it’s extremely unrealistic! However, the engine strives to ensure that the downside limit of $50K after 3 years is preserved regardless of what happens in the stock and bond markets.

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We act as the advisor on your account, which is always held at a FINRA regulated broker-dealer and qualified custodian, and your investments are protected by the SIPC up to $500,000. For details, please see

We take security seriously, and your personal information is fully encrypted and securely stored.

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Nerd Alert: Here's how it all works

  • All account values and settings are systematically monitored for changes
  • We compute the risk budget from the account value, upside and downside levels
  • The engine reallocates between a mix of stocks and a portfolio of duration matched bonds designed to be immunized against interest rate changes over the investment horizon
  • The rebalancer generates trades as needed

Make instant changes to your clients’ investment settings, with no lock ups, no surrender charges and no limitations on liquidity.

Each client portfolio holds only liquid, long-only securities. We do not use derivatives, options or other expensive or opaque instruments.

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Optimal’s rebalancing engine is continually working to maximize the probability of reaching your upside target without violating your downside floor

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