We replace your core and active manager allocations with factor based tax-optimized SMA solutions that seek to outperform and reduce risk at low cost. Our proprietary factor-based methodology and models are at the cutting edge in this space.


Premia Harvest (Core)

Premia Harvest™ strategy offers significant outperformance potential relative to core market indices. We create Premia Harvest by blending our proprietary Quality, Value, Momentum, and Low Volatility factors.


Dynamic Alpha (Active)

Dynamic Alpha offers significant outperformance potential versus active manager benchmarks by moving between our proprietary equal-weight blend of Low Volatility/ High Quality (turbulent regimes) and High Value / High Momentum (calm regimes) factors based on market indicators.

Research-based factor identification

Smart Beta Risk Management

Tax Optimization

Capacity, Liquidity, and Slippage Awareness

Sector Bias Minimization

Low Cost

Optimal handles all implementation details and execution so you can focus on growing your business.

Optimal delivers the power of their factor based strategies in easily implementable Separately Managed Accounts (SMAs)

SMAs consisting of a basket of ETFs or individual stocks depending on client needs.

We work with Investment Advisors & Institutional Investors

For Investment Advisors:

Optimal works with all major custodians

Optimal executes block trades following “best execution”

RIA retains Discretionary AUM on their ADV

For institutional Investors:

Optimal provides custom solutions based on your needs

Flexible Implementation: Ranging from portfolio weights for in house trading to full implementation.