OAM's Dynamic Alpha

OAM's Multifactor Premia Harvest

S&P 500® Equal Factor Weight


Designed for “all-weather” access to US stock market performance. Automatically adapts stock selection during volatile market conditions.

Tax-focused strategy designed to harvest major drivers of the US stock market. Optimized to avoid short-term taxable gains and shelter long-term capital gains.

Derived from the Gold Standard Industry benchmark S&P500® for consistent exposure to all major drivers of returns across US large-cap stocks.

Tax Optimization

Expected Performance in Volatile Markets

Expected Correlation with S&P500®

Best for ...

Best for investors seeking a flexible strategy that readjusts the portfolio based on different market environments. Since such adjustments could result in short-term taxable gains, the strategy can be used in non-taxable accounts (such as 401(k) and IRAs) as well as offer a powerful strategy for our Adaptive Risk Control accounts.

Best for long-term, tax-sensitive investors seeking broad, diversified exposure to major drivers of US stock market returns. Prioritizes long-term capital gains over short-term gains. If you use the strategy with Risk Controls, note that fluctuations in your account value due to market movements could cause your risk controls to kick in and trigger trades. If that happens, the trades triggered by risk control could result in some short term gains and losses even though the strategy by itself works very hard to avoid short term gains and losses.

Best for fans of the venerable S&P500® index, the gold standard for the US stock market. This strategy invests equally in four unique indices designed by and licensed directly from S&P Dow Jones Indices. Each of the four indices is derived from the constituents of the S&P500® and is designed to provide direct exposure to the four major drivers of the US Stock Market in the form of Value, Momentum, High Quality, and Low-Volatility factors.